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We rent hand dryers ranging from the standard 2.2KW in white and chrome to ultra fast dryers capable of hand drying times around 10 secs.


I Flow Ultra-fast Drying Times

The iFlow hand dryer incorporates a low energy, high speed motor that produces high velocity airflow capable of drying hands in as little as 10 seconds.iFlow Ultra Fast

The long life vacuum motor and rapid dry time make the product ideal for high traffic areas.

The Essential I Flow has two settings to choose from, heated airflow or ambient temperature airflow. The dryer can be set to the desired option during installation or retrospectively. The heated airflow setting combines a 1,800W heating element and a 550W Jet air blow motor (20,000 rpm), whereas the non-heated airflow setting just uses the 550W Jet air motor. The hot air setting (1.8kW) is generally only required where the ambient temperature of the room is below 65 F / 18.33 C. The airflow speed is the most important aspect of the hand drying process and therefore in most cases it will have little adverse effect on the drying speed by reverting to the low energy setting!

On the ambient airflow setting the Essential flow has the lowest energy consumption on the market of just 550watts.

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